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Midsommar (R) 2019 - Drama/Horror/Mystery- Review

Midsommar is a Drama/Horror/Mystery film written and directed by Ari Aster, it stars Florence Pugh - Jack Reynor and Vilhelm Blomgren.

This story begins with a group of young adults planning a trip to a Pagan summer festival in Sweden unaware of the troubles they are about to embark upon. I gotta say the nagging girlfriend.. I've had some friends with girlfriends like that and it does get annoying so i understand not wanting her to come.. but Florence Pugh does it in a brilliant way, her performance was captivating.. Paganism has always fascinated me - the obsession over sensual pleasures and material goods, the traditions and belief in multiple gods and the fierceness that comes with it all - When i think of Pagans i think strong Viking warriors but in this fabled tale it comes in a very different way. Everyone is wearing dresses and flowers lay on their heads, they walk in sandals and eat together outside in a very hippy style way.... it almost felt more like an Amish community - everything is just very simple, but traditions must be carried out and they certainly do in a very glorious way.. that is if you like gore. I personally love it - i wish it would of had a little bit more of it but the film keeps you wondering what might happen next - as every scene progresses, it starts to get weirder and weirder.. very similar to Ari Aster's last hit 'HEREDITARY' - if you are looking for a slow burn horror that is full of mystery and intrigue i recommend checking this one out, and if you haven't seen Hereditary, you might as well make it a double feature. I enjoyed both.

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